We were recently contacted by Stevie at HoStevie.com asking if we would be interested in doing an unbiased review of his Go Pro Mouth Mount.  It was perfect timing because I was unhappy with the way the typical GoPro mounts attach to a board and the way the video looks.  I also didn’t want to hold a stick mount because it seemed like it would be awkward to paddle.

Enter HoStevie!

ho-stevie-mouth-mountAfter a couple of quick emails and choosing the color (blue) the post office delivered the package to our door.  I would guess it was about 3 days to get it in CA or maybe less – it was quick.  Packaging was great, no worries about damage to the mount.  It was easy to setup but if there were any difficulties you could find directions on Stevie’s site.



What I Liked:

  • First thing I noticed was how well it was made.  I don’t have other mouth mounts to compare to but it looked strong enough to hold up to surfing’s abuse.
  • Leash – great idea to attach to your wetsuit to prevent loss of your equipment!
  • Mouthpiece – very soft.  No worries about injury to my mouth.  You can breath with it in your mouth too!
  • No unsightly mount on the surfboard!  Yayyy!!

What I didn’t like:

  • It seems slightly big for my mouth but not uncomfortable – I want to go out a few more times before the final decision.  It may be I’m not use to having something in my mouth while surfing 🙂
  • Not as stable without the float attached to the back of camera.  It is much better to have this on.  Otherwise, the camera seemed less stable.



These are my first impressions.  I will follow-up with more thoughts after using it a few more times.  Overall, it’s well worth the price.  What are you waiting for?