Surfboard Artwork


Chick Sticks girl’s surfboards are available in over 35 Unique Paint Designs. Your Custom Design available at no extra charge!  Some boards are in stock and ready to ship.  If not, please allow 4 – 6 weeks delivery for your custom.



aloha girls surfboard camo girl surfboard competition squares 

Aloha                                        Camo                            Competition Squares                   Daisy Baby Pink

electric quilt girls surfboardflame on girls surfboard

Daisy Me Pink

Dawn Patrol                           Electric Quilt                              Flame On                            Hoochie Mama Deck               Hybrid Checkers

Mini Daisy Ice Blue                           Mini Daisy Lime                          Perfect Wave                   Pink Hibiscus/Turtles            Pink Hibiscus Wave

Plaid Remix                                 Plumeria                                Blue Plaid                           Purple Plaid                               Purple Slash

Rasta Girl                                Rasta Slash                 Teeki Love The Earth                     Tropical Punch

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