Surfboard Accessories

Surfer Girls Love Surfboard Accessories…


Leash | Wax | Deck Grip | Nose and Fin Guards | Covers | Car Racks | Racks

Before you paddle out, here is a list of surfboard accessories that will complete your surfing experience:

  1. Surfboard Leash(or Legrope)
  2. Surfboard Wax
  3. Surfboard Deck Grip
  4. Nose and Fin Guards
  5. Surfboard Covers
  6. Surfboard Car Racks
  7. Surfboard Racks

Leash or Leg Rope

The leash/leg rope/ leggie prevents you from losing your surfboard, one end is attached at your ankle, (or calf for longboarders) and the other to the leg rope plug at the tail of the surfboard. Leg ropes come in different lengths to suit the length of the surfboard, and thicknesses to suit the wave conditions; big wave leg ropes are much thicker than regular leg ropes used in small to medium surf.

Surfboard Wax

Wax is rubbed onto the deck of the surfboard to give grip underfoot. There is specific wax for use in warm water and cold water. A wax comb is used to make the wax rough without applying a new coat.

Deck Grip

Deck grips or tails pads are used at the tail end of the surfboard to give permanent grip to the back foot, which helps you get the right foot position over the fins to have more control over the surfboard.

Surfboard Nose and Fin Guards

Moulded soft plastic surfboard nose and fin guards can offer protection from physical harm, especially while learning how to surf. They can easily be glued onto the nose and over the fin tips on most surfboards.

Surfboard Covers

Towelling surfboard covers are good for daily use as they aren’t bulky and are light to carry. More durable and hard wearing are the durable, padded travel covers, these protect surfboards whether it be for a road trip or an overseas journey, they are available in sizes to fit most surfboards.

Surfboard Car Racks

Soft racks are removable and easy to use surfboard racks that can be strapped on the car roof when needed. Permanent or fixed hard surfboard racks are also available for most cars.

Surfboard Racks

For a quiver of surfboards its good to have a surfboard rack system to store them in your home or garage when not in use.