Surfboards And The Environment

Surfboards Can Effect The Environment…


  1. Environmentally Friendly Surfboard Manufacturing Practices
  2. Surfing and the Coastal Environment

As surfers we are often taken to some of the most idyllic places in the world and  it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the surroundings, however it is wise to also be aware of some impacts that could affect our entire surfing experience in the future.

As a surfer girl you have a natural affiliation with the ocean and the beach, take care of the beautiful place that gives us amazing waves to surf, you will be rewarded!!

Environmentally Friendly Surfboard Manufacturing Practices

Leading surfboard companies are now using more environmentally friendly materials and are minimizing or recycling waste products.

Innovators in the surfboard industry are experimenting with aluminum and styrofoam to make more durable and flexible surfboards. Other natural materials that are renewable resources such as bamboo and hemp fibers can offer a surfboard lightness and flexibility.

Surfing and the Coastal Environment

There are many other environmental concerns on our coastlines that are often a result of human settlement or invasion of exotic species on land and in the water such as:

  • Damage or Destruction to Reefs

    Walking on reefs to get out to surf breaks can destroy unique marine habitats, corals can take many years to regrow. Coral reef systems are vital to the health of our oceans and our atmosphere.

  • Negative Impacts of Shark Nets on Marine Life

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    Sharks nets are in place in many populated areas to offer people with a sense of security. However these nets are harmful to not only sharks but every year hundreds of dolphins, rays, turtles and whales get caught up in these nets and often die as a result. If you are concerned about sharks, learn more about them to overcome your fears and stay out of the water at dawn or dusk especially after high rain fall.

  • Coastal Erosion

    As beach front developments suffered from the natural effects of coastal erosion, engineers tried to increase the size of the beach to protect these homes or buildings. Some of the engineering processes such as groynes, rock walls, artificial reefs and sand pumping systems can have positive and negative impacts on surf breaks. New surf beaches may be created while old ones may never break as they used to.

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