Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard For Girls


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Description – “Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard for Girls” Beginner to Intermediate Surfboard

This board rocks because:

  • Perfect dimensions for a beginner board, not too wide and not too short. 8’0″ x 22.25 x 3.
  • Soft nose for safety
  • Unique 5 fin option
  • Extra Rocker lessens Pearling you typically get with longer boards.
  • A wider deck that gives stability for easier learning
  • Narrower tail for performance and easier turns

Waves the “Bad Betty 8.0” model shines in:

Depending on the surf conditions and the surfers level, Bad Betty 8.0 Longboard  can be ridden on …

  • Point breaks in 1ft to 6ft waves
  • Reef breaks in 1ft to 6ft waves
  • Beach breaks in 1ft to 6ft waves


100% American Made Surfboard

The Chick Stick By Lola Girls Surfboard “Bad Betty 8.0 ” Model…

Surfer Girl’s Level:

The Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard for girls is a very stable board for the Beginner to Advanced surfer girl who feels a traditional longboard is too much for her.  Longboards are great for catching waves early and can be surfed in small mush to overhead conditions.

About the “Bad Betty 8.0” model:

Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard has the versatile 5 fin configuration and is a beefier blank than the 7.0 blank.  It can be surfed as a twin, tri, or quad fin board.  For the beginning surfer when using the quad configuration the board will be super stable and not tipping when popping up.  Chicks Sticks by Lola surfboards have the right amount of width and foam to help with paddling and catching waves and narrower tails for easier duck dives.   It will be easy for the Beginning Girl Surfer to take it to the next level because the shape of the board allows for riding the white wash and progressing to the open face.

From take off the Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard gives you ample time to get to your feet without losing your balance and is stable to ride while on the wave or in the foam. The Bad Betty 8.0 Mini Longboard surfboard for girls takes into consideration all the design features that Chick Sticks applies for performance to their girls surfboards.  It provides extra volume under the chest and hips and narrows through the tail for our smaller feet.