FCS M3 Thruster Fin Set


The FCS M3 thruster fin set offers great flex and tip response.  These fins are well rounded and balance speed, drive and maneuverability to perform in a variety of conditions. This set consists of 3 fins.

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FCS M3 Glass Flex Fin The M3 fin is fast and smooth, with better hold and more squirt through turns. The M series has a flexible tip for forgiveness and control at high speed. The new inside foil technology offers superior drive and hold. Glass flex offers the flex pattern modeled off a hand foiled fiberglass fin and the ability to mold highly technical computer generated foils accurately. This fin is designed for surfers who like the M 3 (G 3000) or smaller fins or if youre 90 140 pounds. 28″ Depth: 4. 41″ Area: 14. 22″ Sweep: 31. 0 Model # 1166-165-00-R Features: Base: 4.28in. Depth: 4.41in. Area: 14.22sq.in. Sweep: 31.0 Foil: IFT


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