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The hibiscus flower represents the love and affection you feel toward others. It’s the perfect flower to show your GirlStrong love to your tribe!

Aloha Racerback Tank Aloha Racerback Tank

Aloha Racerback Tank

On Sale Aloha Hoodie Of Love Aloha Hoodie Of Love

Aloha Hoodie Of Love

$54.99 $39.99
On Sale Aloha Radical Magical Crop Hoodie Aloha Radical Magical Crop Hoodie

Aloha Radical Magical Crop Hoodie

$59.99 $39.99
Aloha Fitted Tee Shirt Aloha Fitted Tee Shirt

Aloha Fitted Tee Shirt


GirlSurfboards strives to inspire girls of all ages who love the water to be #GirlStrong through positive products and messages.

#GirlStrong is about being the best YOU and helping sisters and fellow tribe members be the best THEM. When girls go out into the world, there are always negative elements wanting to tear them down.

Water is the positive element that can bring girls back up to the surface.

#GS reminds girls to stay strong no matter what, using their own power and the positivity that they tap from their love of the surf. Through our Shine Flow Surf Love Surf Chakras, we remind girls to SHINE their brightest, let untapped potential FLOW, stay energized like the power of the SURF, and LOVE themselves. Check out our Tribal Chakra and Retro Chakra Collections!

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