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Learn About Surfboards

It’s important as a surfer to understand your surfboard, this will ultimately improve your surfing.

  • Surfboard Shapes
    Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different wave types and the ability of the surfer.
  • Surfboard Design
    Understand the design of surfboards, the terminology used in surfboard design and how your surfboard influences your surfing.
  • Surfboard Construction
    There are a few different types of materials used in the production of surfboards; this information on surfboard construction is only related to polyurethane fiberglass surfboards, the most widely used surfboards in the world.
  • Surfboard Fins
    Surfboard fins are either glassed on or have a removable fin system in place so surfers can change fin sizes and designs according to the wave conditions.
  • Surfboard Accessories
    Surfboard accessories are a must for your surfboard. You will need surfboard wax and a surfboard deck grip so you don’t slip off your surfboard; leg ropes or a leash keep you and your surfboard connected.
  • Surfboards and the Environment
    Leading surfboard companies are now using more environmentally friendly materials and are minimizing or recycling waste products.
  • Surfboard History
    The development of surfboards throughout history stems from the first surfers riding wooden planks to modern-day shapers using materials such as aluminum, polystyrene, polyurethane, bamboo, hemp, and epoxy.