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Who We Are

 Responsible Surfwear with a Positive Message

 GirlSurfboards Clothing Company was started by a family who love all things water, to empower the strength inside of all girls with a GirlStrong message. Mary, a psychologist, wanted a shop where she could combine her love of clothing and all things water with positivity and inspiration for girls of all ages. Kevin has been surfing his whole life, and Mickey also has a love of the surf. 

At GirlSurfboards, we are committed to sustainability and positivity. Here’s our process:


At GirlSurfboards, we want you to know that we are committed to the environment, sustainability, and ethical practices. We strive to work with partners who engage in ethical, sustainable, and responsible manufacturing. It is important to us that manufacturers take care to have ethical employment standards and minimize their ecological footprint to help preserve our earth.


Our message at GirlSurfboards is building people up, not tearing them down. We are all about GirlStrong! We have developed our Shine Flow Surf Love Chakras to remind girls to SHINE their brightest, let untapped potential FLOW, stay energized like the power of the SURF, and LOVE themselves. From clothing to social media, our messages are to empower through positivity!

Staying Local

GirlSurboards believes that it’s important to stay local and support businesses in the Daytona Beach area, where GirlSurfboards is located. Our first run of surfwear was screen printed by a shop owned by a friend and long-time resident of Daytona Beach. We are hands-on with our product, and work closely with our screen printers to develop just the right look.

Models, Photography, and Art

We work closely with local artists in the Daytona Beach area to help bring our concepts to life. Mary is personally involved with making or developing our designs.

At GirlSurfboards, we support models of all kinds of beauty, not only the super skinny kind that look just one way. We believe that when a girl is positive and feels good about herself, her beauty shines through the camera and into the image.

Our photography is done by Daytona Beach locals as well. We are fortunate to have well-known artist and photographer Eddie Roseboom working with us. We also take some of our own images, and have benefited from the photography of a local college student.

Packaging and Shipping

At GirlSurfboards, we want you to feel special. So, we take extra time in packaging your order so that when you open it, you will feel like you are receiving a gift. We also do not use plastic in our packaging. It takes a little longer to do things this way, but you and the earth are worth it!

Customer Service

If you have any questions, just drop us a note. Also, if a product that you love is out of stock, or if you want a certain product but do not see it, please let us know!


Mary, Kevin, and Mickey